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Natural/unflavoured Irish Sea Moss Gel

Natural/unflavoured Irish Sea Moss Gel

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Get straight to the point with this potent unfiltered blend of your new favourite nutrient rich superfood-Irish Sea Moss 💪🏽

Authentic Irish Sea Moss (Chondrus crispus) contains 92 out of 102 minerals essential to the body. Our sea moss is wildcrafted and sustainably harvested straight from the coasts of Ireland. Herbs By Ani's Irish Sea Moss Gel helps boost the immune system, aid proper digestion, support thyroid health, and eliminate excess mucus. 

This product is your all in one. You can ingest it like how you normally would any of our other Herbs by Ani flavoured sea moss gels. Since this product is unflavoured, you can add it directly to your hair for a luxurious and lush hair mask. Or put it directly on your skin for a soothing, collagen boosting spa worthy face mask. The choice is yours but you'll never have to compromise on the potent benefits of Irish Sea Moss 😍🌊

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